Rave feedback...

CE-Credit.com has been providing online continuing education credit courses since 1999. Since then, many members offered great feedback. Now, users can use the same system for online CE credits that these members have been successfully using.

Here are a random sampling of some of the thousands of feedback messages we have received over the past few years. (Emphasis is from the member, not from us.)

Thank you. Your website is excellent, and has everything I need to complete the necessary CEUs for my licensing and renewals. I am glad I found you.


Your courses are a great value!! Plus, much more convenient than setting through a long day when you have a very bad back. I enjoy the opportunity to read the course materials and taking the test at my leisure.


I will continue to use this website for future continuing education requirements. Thank you for providing the ability to learn and complete the necessary requirements at home – and at a reasonable price!


I will be taking more of these courses. I will recommend them to my friends. I have a brochure and will show it to my coworkers who are CDP’s.


This was my first online CEU experience. I appreciated the opportunity to familiarize myself with the course materials at my pace, on my time. The online process also benefits my clients because I do not have to be absent from treatment activities to learn new concepts. I am using a combination of both online work and “in-seminar” work. Keeping networked with my peers is also critical.


I have received your e-mail. Thanks. I think the best of your service is: I know your support is right HERE! I know I can count on you when I need you.


This is so awesome and incredible! thanks for this service!!! you all rock!


I love your website. I was dreading my coursework, but your website makes it fun and I realized I have a few books already that I really like, so I can “test” my knowledge and use the information for the requirements, too. That was really a treat!


You provide a great and professional service.


I have been reading an article each night. This is no longer a task to fulfill a requirement; it is fun, and I gain a lot of knowledge.


I am so thankful I was introduced to this website!!


You have the best system available.


Love the ease and convenience of your online courses, not to mention the money I save by not having to leave home!


Great course!!!!!! Highly Pleased with this online program!!!!!!!!!!!


Thanks for being there for the busy professional! Your convenient, low cost, yet professionally delivered courses are greatly appreciated.


I will definitely take more classes. The format is excellent and it is time well spent.


Thanks again for this opportunity. I did not think I would like it, but comparing it to one of the last workshops I attended, your on-line course was far superior.


Thank you guys for having such a convenient, easy way to get credits! I don’t have to drive, I can do it from work or home, plus I can print the study materials to use for references. I love the fact you tell me which ones I miss and give me the correct answer. I’ve used an online site before and they did not do this. I want to actually learn, but I can’t without the answers! Thank you for doing such a great job!!! I’ve told a lot of people about your site and how awesome it is!


What a fantastic service! I can’t thank you enough for providing this service and for ensuring that the courses are accepted for my credentialing.


Excellent offerings at a reasonable price. Keep this up and you will drive your competitors out of business.


Thank you for providing a user friendly site that contains appropriate and valid learning materials.


Wow!!! Thanks for such a quick response!!!


Your service has been INVALUABLE to me; I am soooo very glad that you are there.


I really enjoy your courses and find them well written and easy to complete. The books I’ve ordered have shipped quickly, which allows me to start the course. Printing the exam is also very easy. Thank you for providing this wonderful service. Sincerely,


This was a very helpful and interesting course. Your site is very user friendly and you have a great amount of interesting courses. Many thanks


The course was very informative, organized, and research-based. The web-site is user-friendly which makes a huge difference.


Great website and great courses.


Thank you for the ease at which I can obtain CEU’s……working at my own pace is terrific and the courses are so relevant to my occupation.


These courses are AWESOME and soooo beneficial.


I have been in the chemical dependency field for 12 years and find your courses some of the best continuing education I have ever done. Since I work with lawyers, probation officers and district, superior and family courts (as well as psychologists, physicians and social workers) courses written from the view point of other professionals are particularly helpful.


Great experience! It was my first time to do online CEU course study and it was even better than I expected!


I am totally thrilled with your company. Thanks.


Excellent—well done from top to bottom


Thank you for getting right back to me. I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t seeing things :} :}…. I love that you have these programs available for us on line. It’s great. I work in a Prison and it is hard to get away for trainings. Thanks again and have a bless day.


Wow- a personal reply.? You are soo welcome.? I really do love your service- look forward to reading more “stuff” and heck, I get credit for it.? Win-win.? Thanks again-


I am so glad I found this site. It keeps me up on my CEU’s and additional knowledge.


Another great course. I am glad to have renewed with CE learning systems in order to meet my continuing ed credits.


Your website is the greatest. Keep up the great work.


This was a terrific way to earn CE’s. I could read the book, print the questions and study at my leisure. Thank you for a great service!


Thanks! Informative, easy, and enjoyable process!


You guys are great!


Great course. I recommend CE-credit to all my peers.


Thank you for your incredible attention to detail and your kind response. The book is fantastic, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it cover to cover. It truly facilitated my being able to integrate therapeutic concepts and skills I have been developing through different workshops, and I feel that now I have a much better grasp of the “whole.” Your courses are truly skill-building and the material is very well chosen. In my very humble opinion.


Excellent course!


I definitely will use this website for CEUs in the future!!


I continue to be positively impressed with the depth and breadth of your course offerings. This course offered me a significant amount of new information and strategies. I look forward to utilizing the suggestions. Thank you


I love your service and choice of courses by book and online – as I prefer to read a book, frequently I am limited in CEUs – you offer much — I will complete all my needed CEUs through your service this year – thanks!


You are an excellent resource.


This course was GREAT! I look forward to taking many more and will be telling several of my coworkers about it!


This course was the best CEU course I have EVER taken. All mental health professionals should know about this one.


Thank you for your services. This service, combined with preparation, makes obtaining CEU’s more user friendly and convenient! Your services are wonderful.


I have tried other websites for online classes and find yours to be far superior to any of them. Thank you for your professionalism and for maintaining such an informative and impressive website.


I continue to love your company! Keep up the good work!


Thank you! I have been able to get my last minute CEUs needed for the year!!! Using this site is very easy and I love being able to get my CEUs in the comfort of my home!


You are quite welcome. I must admit I am surprised that you listened and made a change so quickly. I’m impressed.


I think I am in love; you are always so nice every year; are you a real person or a computer????!!!


Great way to provide CE, I’m loving it!


Awesome service you are providing!


I continue to deeply appreciate the quality of the courses on your website, as well as the ease of using the program. I remain a strong supporter and hope to also develop some programs for you to consider. Warm Regards,


I just want to let you know that your courses via computer are great! I just finished the 30 credits I need for two years…..so I am good for now…but next year I will renew my membership with you again..to meet my licensing requirements….you have so many great courses from which to choose…and you have made your on-line format so easy to use. When I have had some difficulty..your support staff have been GREAT!!!! And I really appreciate your online courses…that makes it a lot easier for me….the first time I picked a book…it was hard to find. The on-line option makes it so easy. I also really appreciated the number of courses on ethics…not because I am that interested in it…but because 5 CE hours are required on ethics every two years……. Again….I will renew again next year…..thanks.


Not kind…True ;I appreciate the ease with which I can use the site…the immediate response if I have problems and the wide selection etc….. 23 more ceu’s to go!!!! thanks

Thanks again for the great support from the staff when using CE-credit.com, even on a Saturday!


I was very impressed with the ease of taking the course and welcomed the first one at no charge. I will tell all my coworkers about this new area to pursue when seeking online courses to take, thanks a lot.


I will be switching from ______ to your system. Thanks. Though I am licensed as an LPC, I am a doctor of Health Psychology and value your system and the courses available to me.


Please accept my heartfelt thanks for all your help and the service you offer. You really saved my bacon! You’ve one over a loyal customer & I’ll definitely use your sites again in the future. Thanks, again.


Excellent site & very user friendly. I just had a baby and realized that I needed to finish my CEUs in a hurry and this was just what I needed, and in the comfort of my own home. Thanks!


This was interesting material. I work in a prison and this knowledge could save my life in a crisis situation. The price is definitely right!


Thanks again for being there for me. The convenience and assistance are outstanding.


Have told many friends about your courses. They all love it!


This was fantastic. What a wonderful way to get my CE’s. Convenient, easy, understandable, and the reading material is great. Thank you for offering such a program and website. I will definitely use this again, and will definitely pass the word around my organization.


You are so awesome, thanks!


This was so easy to complete on-line. I am thrilled to have received your flyer in the mail.


Thanks for the feedback. nice to see folks with customer service as a priority and accessable as well.


Convenient, painless, informative and inexpensive. I am glad you folks are around.


I have used other sites and keep coming back to yours. It is very professionally done and I would recommend it to anyone wanting a high quality learning experience coupled with a low stress way of meeting continuing education requirements. Thank you for a job well done.


Wow, are you guys good! My observation (read that complaint) was intended to help others who come after me. To receive the benefit of the increased hours myself is an unexpected and wonderful surprise. And I’ll go back and give that article more time. Thank you!


I wanted to tell you that your website is one of the most organized and user-friendly sites that I have ever seen. Your service is excellent and I have recommended it to several colleagues.


Thanks for your response. I LOVE your services, and am absoultely cetain that I will be a returning customer. I have also recommended your company to other professionals as well. Keep up the EXCELLENT work!!


Just learned about your website today – took my 1st course & exam in one hour. Excellent quality and incredibly simple and efficient, Thanks!


Thank you so much for the reply. I appreciate you getting back so soon to me. I wasn’t expecting a reply from an on-line website. Now I know I made a good decision in choosing your company for obtaining CE credits.


I love this organization. Very user friendly and lots of courses to choose from!


Again, the course was excellent, making me mentally debate several touchy
issues which I am glad were included!

Ronald, NM

I am very excited about having found your organization. It has made
obtaining CE credit very easy. I actually learn more studying on my own and I enjoy the flexibility of learning as I have time.

Pamela, NE

I enjoyed the experience as always.

Thanks for providing an exceptional web site that inclucdes topics well
defined and outlined. I will refer my peers without any limitations.


Thanks- with 4 children (3 under age 7) I got kind of behind on my CEU’s this period. Your offerings allowed me to catch up at a time that was convenient for me (I’m off in the summer) and at a price I could afford (I don’t get paid in the summer!). The courses thus far were of very professional quality and more interesting than I expected. A great, much appreciated, value and learning experience!

Ellen, NJ

Love your service! you make everything so easy. thanks!


Clearly the most user friendly and clinically diverse CEU site on the web.
Thank You!


I found myself in a state of near-shock last night after completing my first CE’s.  No longer will I have to attend workshops that don’t interest me just to get the required hours – I can get all my CE’s in areas that interest me and are related to my work without the added expense and inconvenience of having to go out of town for costly worikshops. If this sounds like a testimonial (or brown-nosing – lol), it isn’t – it’s just really nice to be able to fit all my CE’s to my work for a change.  The unlimited CE’s has already paid for itself, since I figured I’d have spent over $150 just attending two workshops to get 10 hours credit.  Feel free to use all that for promotion, if you like. I just want to say thanks, Keith, from the botton of my heart.

 Paul, SC

Very nice CEU system you’ve developed! The immediate scoring and printout of the certificate is an especially good feature of your site!

Nathan, WA

This is a great opportunity for me since I work part time but still need the CEs as required.  I really like the ease of using the site. I already had some of the required materials. I hope you will keep up the good work. Thanks


Combined with the Board’s recent blessing of “electronic” courses, your site, and your unlimited program, I now have the perfect solution to my problem. I’ve looked around and your site, by far, is the best value for the money, and I truly, truly appreciate that. It seems to me you have a winning idea, simply stated:  a good value at a reasonable price.

Gerry,  HI

My feedback to you today was much too cursory.  I am very pleased to use your system and have an account with you.  CEU credits can be very stressful, time consuming, and costly, but I have been very impressed by your system and have already told many of my peers about your services.  I was astounded by how easy everything was, from signing on, to taking the exam, to grading and printing of the certificate.  Yours is an outstanding product that is cost effective, time saving, and  with low stress.  I look forward to continuing to use your system.  

Wesley, FL

This is one of the best. I can not even find words to really express how special is this one. A very special thanks to you.  

Arsene, FL

Your site was a live saver for me. Procrastination, disruptions and all things that go along with life today, made me late with my CEU’s. And yesterday, you answered when I needed you the most! On the wire. I must be one who excels at the last minute. But, I MADE IT! TO THE POST AND ALL!!! Just wanted to thank you personally for being there.

Tonya, NC

Wow, what a quick response. It was very refreshing to see that distinctly different standards and practices are in play in business.
Thank you for exhibiting some thoughtful customer service. I trust that it will serve you well in due time – - if not already. Keep up the fight.


I wish I had looked into the Internet CEU Courses a long time ago. You provide a great educational service.


I appreciate access to quality professional development programs, at an affordable price, within the convenience of my home.


Dan, thank you very much for being so responsive. You are offering a great service!


Loving the system!


This is a great and easy way to get my credits! I love to print the articles, review them, mull over them, and take the test. Then, at my convenience, I can summit the answers!! I can do this on vacation!